We are currently witnessing a change in business paradigm that brings significant benefits to our social system. All over the world women show that they have what it takes to run an enterprise and to control substantial financial assets. What seemed a fantasy little over a century ago has become a stable reality today.

The most interesting thing about this phenomenon is that this current state of affairs is not the result of a single effort but an effect of the female community coming together and teaching each other how to succeed in a male-oriented world. Here is how some of the most successful business women influenced the world we live in:

Irene Rosenfeld – the resuscitator

Iren Rosenfeld is the current CEO of Kraft Foods Company and one of the most influential minds in the business industry today. Rosenfeld was named in charge of the Kraft Foods in 2006 when the company was facing major problems and an inevitable slump in popularity. With an innovational strategy and determination, she managed to get the whole enterprise back on track and transform it into business with worldwide impact. Irene Rosenfeld spends her little free time giving motivational lectures for young business women who are just starting their journey in the business world.

Indra Nooyi – the money bringer

When PepsiCo decided to name Indra Nooyi as CFO in 2001, many experts in the industry raised their eyebrows in surprise. The young manager was a newcomer to this business, and she had only been with the company for less than seven years. However, she quickly dispersed all her critics as she improved both the company’s profit and image to match, and even overcome some of the main competitors. Since her appointment, PepsiCo has witnessed a revenue rise of no less than 72%. Nooyi has also improved the company’s policy of sexual equality by employing new, aspiring business women in important positions even women from https://www.and6.com/.