• Sponsor will be acknowledged as “Lead Sponsor” – Leading the way

  • 6 stalls bare space size 3mx3m each at Key Location at WEXPO 2020, in Exhibition Hall

  • Lead Sponsor will be acknowledged through Exhibition Communication, letters, Flyers, print materials, Pole streamers, Hoardings, TVC,s , FM Radio, e-promos after having Sponsorship confirmation

  • Lead Sponsor will get acknowledgement at Exhibition Invitation Passes

  • Lead Sponsor will be able to promote video message before event and after event through integrated e-promotional campaign through unique Exhibitors TV Opportunity

  • Lead sponsor will be provided 10 Outer Grill Penals (7×10)

  • Main Entrance Glass Penal (size 25*12) will be shared with the event branding

  • Main Building Penal 10×25

  • Reception area wall penal (size 11×20)

  • Reception header (size 25*4)

  • Eight Inside hall lobby penal (size 20*4)

  • Main Slot on SMD will be placed at Reception Area

  • Eight Pole Panels size 3’x6’ to be mounted on light poles of Lahore International Expo Center

  • 6 Grill Penal inside hall (size5x10)

  • Prominent place on the post event report

  • Parking Area corridor penal (Size8x10)

  • Lead Sponsor logo will be placed on all Badges

  • Lead sponsor loge will be placed on the world water day celebration backdrop

  • Lead sponsor CEO will be allowed to speak for ten mints to the audience

  • Lead Sponsor CEO will be seated next to the Chief Guest at Inaugural Ceremony

  • Lead Sponsor will be acknowledged by the Chief Guest by presenting Memento to CEO of the Company

Package Price
Lead Sponsorship 3,000,000


Wexpo 2020 Floor Plan