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    Business women

    We are currently witnessing a change in business paradigm that brings significant benefits to our social system. All over the world women show that they have what it takes to run an enterprise and to control substantial financial assets. What seemed a fantasy little over a century ago has become a stable reality today.

    The most interesting thing about this phenomenon is that this current state of affairs is not the result of a single effort but an effect of the female community coming together and teaching each other how to succeed in a male-oriented world. Here is how some of the most successful business women influenced the world we live in:

    Irene Rosenfeld – the resuscitator

    Iren Rosenfeld is the current CEO of Kraft Foods Company and one of the most influential minds in the business industry today. Rosenfeld was named in charge of the Kraft Foods in 2006 when the company was facing major problems and an inevitable slump in popularity. With an innovational strategy and determination, she managed to get the whole enterprise back on track and transform it into business with worldwide impact. Irene Rosenfeld spends her little free time giving motivational lectures for young business women who are just starting their journey in the business world.

    Indra Nooyi – the money bringer

    When PepsiCo decided to name Indra Nooyi as CFO in 2001, many experts in the industry raised their eyebrows in surprise. The young manager was a newcomer to this business, and she had only been with the company for less than seven years. However, she quickly dispersed all her critics as she improved both the company’s profit and image to match, and even overcome some of the main competitors. Since her appointment, PepsiCo has witnessed a revenue rise of no less than 72%. Nooyi has also improved the company’s policy of sexual equality by employing new, aspiring business women in important positions even women from

  • Online resources for business women

    Online resources for business women

    Almost any business woman that you meet will tell you that the road to success is full of challenges, some of which you will have to overcome on your own and others where you can rely on people’s help. Fortunately, with the amount of information and success stories available on the internet today, it is easier to plan a career and build your dream business from scratch. Here are some online resources that will make the air on what it takes to become a rich lady in today’s business world:

    Read about successful women

    There is no source to find better motivation for your dreams than from the success stories of other business women. A simple online search provides you with examples of hard-working ladies who have overcome every obstacle in their way to become renowned specialists in various fields of work. Some of the biggest economies in the world are led by female presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors. Other women have reached immense reputation as scientists, teachers, escorts or doctors. There is no limit to what you can become if you set your mind to it.

    Learn from everyone

    The tales about successful business women are often shrouded in legend and mystery. It is a good thing to get inspiration from them. However, to reach their position, you will also have to read about the ones that failed their business goals. There is something important to learn from the ladies who have given up, too. Their strategies might have seemed very promising at the start, but they quickly crumbled at the first obstacle they encountered. Try to find out more about the causes of their failure, and don’t miss the chance to contact them online and get some direct advice from someone who was in your shoes not too long ago.

  • How to find a global market for a small business

    Women's Online Marketplace

    The contemporary business industry is going through a real revolution as more and more women join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs. Nowadays, beautiful ladies are not confined to only doing escort jobs, and they are free to pick their career in a field of their choice. If you want to become one of them, you need to follow a set of well-determined steps and use all the resources at your disposal. Here are a few tips on how to find a global market that suits your idea of a small business:

    Find a business field that suits you

    The broad range of opportunities that the current social system provides might be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, it is a good plan to do a bit of introspective research and find out what is the thing that you are best at, and if this activity makes you happy. Find a business field that suits your skills and your potential. There is no use in becoming an average worker in a job that does not match your ambition. Look online for advice from other business women and escorts like the ladies who can give you an insight on how an industry that interests you works.

    Discover confidence and perseverance

    Now that you have chosen your area of expertise it is time to get down to business. Every beginning is difficult, so you will need to arm yourself with plenty of perseverance and ambition to overcome the first hurdles you encounter. If your dream is to manage a dating agency, then try to work with other girls and discover their lifestyle. These hot, beautiful women boast a tremendous amount of determination, and you can gain the same trait by sharing some time with them.

    How to become a prosperous escort

    Most business-oriented minds aim to reach the very top of every company they work in. However, there is another type of lucky ladies who only desire to become the best at their job. It is the case of famous girls who live a rich lifestyle mainly due to their passion and determination. If you want to become one of them, you will need to follow their example and provide the best services for each of your clients.

    Online advertising and marketing

    If your business project revolves around professional dating, you should make your presence known to the online community before establishing a physical presence in the industry. Today, most of the marketing process is done on the internet, and almost every successful escort advertises her image in the virtual world. Start by creating your promotional website and the corresponding profiles on social media to gain notoriety among your future customers.

    How to plan your next move

    A successful business woman plans at least three steps ahead and always has backup plans if her current strategy fails. Try to foresee the evolution of your dating agency and the industry as a whole. Only pick the escorts that suit your managerial identity and your vision of the profitable business. With small, well-calculated steps you will find your path to success.

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